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        Karolina has been cycling long-distance for over a decade. After all, the saying goes: if not a bike, what else? She has travelled so far across Europe, gone on rides in France, Italy and Poland but also rode through Turkey and Thailand.

        In 2017, after 3-years of a debilitating illness, she decided to put the “bicycle is the answer to everything” motto to test and set off to cycle across the USA with a breathing machine in her panniers and no money in her pockets.

        She is a proud owner of thighs with some 10 000 kilometre mileage from the glory days of her youth as a bicycle courier in Paris. She has also been, since the early age of 3, the main global supplier of bikes to bicycle thieves around the world. She will happily pass this responsibility on to anyone interested...

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Karolina Vicart

(z domu Wiśniewska)


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