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Has made it! To NYC, NY.

$0.00 spent 
8600km cycled 

Two years ago on this date, May 15th, I set off on a bicycle ride across the US. With no money in my pockets and a breathing machine in my panniers. Was it worth it? Decide for yourself!

This is the final cut!

With only some 40 km to go, I take my sweet time in the morning. And there's plenty of it on my hands since, all excited, I am unable to sleep past 5:45.

I write a bit for the blog and leave Orange - a town west of New York where I spent the night - only at noon. And th...


I am sooooo excited, I can’t sleep past 5:30. I wanna get to New York AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I still, obviously, have time to linger over breakfast and talk my hosts’ ears off, because there is nothing I enjoy...

I get out of Havre de Grace and find myself at a toll station that charges… cyclists! I AM OUTRAGED.

Even if I were spending money I would refuse to pay.

Why? Because I feel that it’s US CYCLISTS who should BE PAYED to cycle along highways.

Why? Because one additional bik...

Today, even though I am still not following any scenic bike trails, I have to say that I am quite impressed with the road.

Highway 40, which takes me all the way to Havre de Grace, has a very wide shoulder. It is systematically marked as a bike path and there are plenty...

I take a rest day in the capital in order to stretch my legs and take some culture in. And also, as it’s the obvious LOGICAL next step to anyone who’s cycled across the country: to take over the White House.

The culture is great. I visit the Renwick Gallery, the Hirshho...

Oh, how far have I come from the scenic, calm, tiny roads of ACA bike trails. Very, very far.

First challenge of the day: get across the Potomac River Bridge that does not allow cyclists on. Easy: hitch a ride.

Second challenge: not abandon riding on a 4-lane highway and...

Time to venture into the East Coast jungle.

Many have warned me against the overpopulated roads and crazy drivers so I am pretty anxious about the upcoming ride. I will not be following a bike trail anymore, so people might not be used to sharing the road with cyclists....

There is only one thing to say about today: I have cycled across the United States!!!

 Veni Vidi Vici

To do today: cross the continent by bike.

Once I get to Yorktown, I will have cycled across the United States, without money and with a breathing machine in my panniers, all by myself, like a big girl.

Well, turns out that if you get in the saddle at noon and take an hou...

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