That Cycling Chick's

Has made it! To NYC, NY.

$0.00 spent 
8600km cycled 

I leave my tent and whom do I run into? Alan! I swear to god this guy is following me! Lol!

We decide to kick start the day together by walking the hill side by side. Let me tell you: if you have to start your day off by walking your bike, you know it’s going to be a to...

The Lowell to Powell stretch is a 66-mile area with no services and no habitations what-so-ever. All going uphill.

I wake up fairly early to get it done and over with as soon as possible, except that my plan is one thing and its execution is another. After some 40km, I...

The morning come, it is very difficult to leave to Reyna, my long-lost and finally-found sister of the soul. She attempts bribery to make me stay: yet ANOTHER piece of her delicious ice-cake (which has now made its way to the very top of my favourite food’s list).

I wan...

Today is all about one 12-mile hill climb. It’s long. It’s hot. It’s slow. And it’s painful. Totally different from the McKenzie Pass experience. I think I simply do better with snow than I do with sun.

The climb takes me 5 hours. Only 5 cars pass me by. 4 stop. Only 2...

I can feel yesterday’s 14-hour-on-the-road in my body: it’s tired and my eyes won’t stay open. Half an hour out of New Meadows, I knock on a random door and ask whether I can have a siesta in the garden (all the neighbouring land being fenced off and with barley any sh...

The hill awaits and so I start super early to get it done and over with before the sun gets nasty. And let me tell you: it makes hell of a difference whether you climb in the sizzling heat or in the morning cool.

The miles are long and steep. I walk most of them. I look...

I have had a bizarre kind of experience at night: some sort of heart palpitations that got me a bit worried. Luckily, I slept at a DOCTOR’s house so was able to consult Kate first thing in the morning:

“Do you take sports drinks?”


“Do you take supplements?”



I must have developed some extra muscle since I started this trip because I start the day off by… breaking the handle of Gayle’s coffee machine (again, so sorry Gayle!).

I don’t even get out of the city when I see some elk (deer?) going about their business. And when I...

Do you know what the most difficult thing about this trip is? I’ll give you a tip: it’s not the cycling (duh!). But it’s not the hills either. Nor the heat. Nor the no money part. It’s the NO COFFEE!

In French there is the following expression: avoir la tête dans le cul...

Russ sends me off with plenty of food and a bicycle that feels like brand new. It feels so comforting to be looked after and I feel blessed and grateful for what I have been endowed with.

Ahead of me are three climbs and the weather is hot and sticky. On my break in Pra...

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