That Cycling Chick's




Upon learning about my moneyless bike challenge, some of my friends got worried: 

"Without money?! Will I be able to sponsor you some dinner at a nice restaurant at least?"


As much as I love my friends and find them adorable for being truly concerned, the idea of this experiment is simple: I do not want to use ANY money, regardless of whether it's mine or yours (except in a medical emergency and for my mobile plan).

The idea of a sponsored meal made me come up with something different: since I won't be using money during my trip, collecting any for myself would be rather pointless. What about, though, having my kilometres sponsored by whomever likes the idea and donating whatever I collect to a cause I support? 

Methinks, it's a win-win solution: I get motivated to persevere even through the hardest of troubles (and headwind) and I get to support people doing wonderful work at making this world a better place.

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