Eureka Natural Foods

Nancy kindly accepted to donate some food items that her shop could no longer sell. Thank you for helping me and thus contributing to reducing food waste!


Gas Station @  3197 Alliance Road, Arcata CA

Sue kindly donated a cookie to my hungry stomach as well as some tokens to use at gas stations if I get a flat tire!


Roger's Market @ 791 School Rd, McKinleyville, CA 95519

Bomber gave me a couple of high-energy grain bars. 

Perfect for any cyclist!


 6771 CA-254, Miranda, CA 95553

The coffee shop had no extra nor any old food to spare (I guess, everybody loves coffee and pastry), but the lovely store manager Ashley offered to buy me breakfast out of her pocket. Thank you Ashley!


Cyling power couple

This great cycling couple of determined and independent folks took me in for two nights. They not only gave me food and shelter and introduced me to their bunch of friends, but Dick has officially saved my life by fixing me faulty spokes! THANK YOU DICK!!!


Visitors at the Drive Through Tree park

I asked them for a photo, they offered food and money! The 19 dollars they donated are going into my fundraiser.

Musician & farmer

Leib let me stay over at his beautiful farmland hidden in Californian forest. He made me discover what must be the best meal there is: corn with coconut oil! He has a wonderful outdoor shower and bathtub - all contributing to the real country experience!



Visitors at the Madrona Court Motel

These three fun ladies not only shared a greatly entertaining evening with me but also fed me wine and provided with a lovely breakfast.

Hall Of Fame.

People helping people.

None of this would have been possible without these kind human beings.



Geoffrey kindly designed my website and logo.


Circus performer & photographer

Eric hosted, entertained and took photos of me for serveral days during my stay in the Bay Area. He was my sweet landing pad upon my arrival in San Fran.


Circus performer & costume designer

Drea fed me, drove me around and sewed my pants and my bike panniers back to life!


Social worker & cyclist

Margit and her partner James opened their house to me on my first day of travel. They welcomed me as if I were their own daughter and made sure I had everything I needed.

FYI, they are the real-life Kim Basinger and Kurt McVeigh (aka Gary Cole).


Behavioral specialist

Lorena hosted me for a night in her beautiful sea-side house. She offered food, comfy bed and laundry. She sent me off with a goodie bag full of fresh produce and a pair of socks for the cold times!


Cycling enthusiast

Elena sponsored my one night stay at the Anchor Bay Camping ground as she could not host me herself. The remaining $10 are going into the fundraiser.


RV camping pros

I asked them for butter. They shared their dinner, hotnut, extenstion cord, great conversation and so much more with me. They gave me $20 so that I can buy myself a helmet or anything else I might need. The $20 is going to my fundraiser


Mother Theresa of Cylists

Judy is one of the most gentle, caring and lovely people there are. She did not only host me, but also fed and clothed me (sic!). She lives on a farm with her 90-year old strong dad Rusty, bestie Nick and bro David. She's the post office master, volunteer fire-fighter, avid cyclist and a kick-starter enthusiast. Go Judy!!!


Tango dancer

Robert put me up for a night in his cozy flat. And cooked lovely dinner. And had me drink all of his wine. And made breakfast. And gave me a bike helmet. And provided me with a headband. A lovely heart, a lovely man.


69591 US-101, Leggett, CA 95585

Diana, the owner of the Peg House, gives all of the food rests to her chickens and all other edible items to a homeless man she knows. Despite have a zero-waste record, she still offered a sandwich, chips and a drink to go, for NOBODY leaves her joint hungry.


24980 Abalone St, Westport, CA 95488

Rachel, who was holding the store when I arrived was more than happy to support my adventure. She filled my bag with both fresh and canned produce and even some candy! Be sure to visit this western saloon looking place if you pass through Westport.


3455 Redwood Drive, Redway, CA 95560

The lovely baristas sent me off with a cup of good coffee and a scone.


Shop & the Madrona Motor Court Cottages motel owner

I don't know where this woman takes her energy from but she is simply INCREDIBLE! Before I could ask for help, she has given me two meals and a key to a room at her lovely retro motel at the Avenue of Giants. She is Phillipsville's powerhouse: a source of energy, good vibes, ideas & love.


Native American painter

Stuart is simply a darling. Sweet, kind, enthusiastic. He shared his love of arts with me and invited our happy bunch to some fine dining! 


Inhabitant of Phillipsville

Just when I was ready to include a shout-out on my page asking for books, this friendly person popped out from nowhere and provided me with some sought after reading material!


Neighbour at the Madrona Court Motel

Provided me with a huge pack of Humboldt roasted coffee. What a blessing!


Raft guide & park ranger

Dick & Kathy's friends who welcomed me at their barbecue Sunday chill-out. They also gave me $20 which goes straight into my fundraiser


Murphy's Markets 

Kelsie asked the produce manager to let me ravage through their discarded foods basket. I left with 2 kilos of produce!


355 Main Street, Trinidad, CA 95570

Carly offered a scoop of ice-cream to keep me going. Salted caramel... to die for!


1 Main Street, Trinidad, CA 95570

Again, yet another Murphy's Market agreed to share their unsold produce with me. So happy to hear they feed farm animals with food scraps and donate all edible items to charities!


Snack Shack @  120779 US-101, Orick, CA 95555

Edie decided to feed me anything I wanted of her menu. She also allowed me to charge my phone at her shop and arranged for me to pitch my tent in her son's garden. Thank you Edie, Steven, Regina and Jacob for your hospitality and kindness! 


15870 US Hwy 101 N, Klamath, CA 95548

Sharon, the market's owner, inivited me to take ANYTHING I wanted from her reduced-price items shelf. 


1270 Front Street, Crescent City, CA 95531

Hannah and Lemar were happy to give away the Caesar Salads someone forgot to pick-up with some fresh, home-made croûtons!


Serial WarmShowers hostess

Katie put me up for 3 nights at the church where she volunteers on a regular basis. She helped me out with getting rid of the poisonous oak's oil from my clothes and gear and had me over for lovely dinner her jewellery-making partner made for us!


1150 Suite A Chetco Ave, Brookings, OR 97415

Despite having a zero-waste policy, Claudia, the bakery owner, shared a plentiful of her goodies to keep me nourished throughout my trip. 


Hikers & trail angels

Jim and Lydia, whom I asked for water, spontaneously offered some energy bars and fruit, proving again that trail magic is REAL!


Gold Beach inhabitants & Francophiles

Lisa arranged for me stay at her friend's whilst Ayoma, Keana & Manny provided me some food for the road.


Gold Beach inhabitants: social worker & pupil

Ericka opened up her garden to me by putting me up on her cool trampoline. She offered shower, food, drinks and even gifted me with the flip-flops I had been missing so badly! 


32865 Nesika Rd, Gold Beach, OR 97444

Gary kindly donated some lovely produce to keep my tummy happy!

The crisps made my day!



Bryn, who is a beekeeper in plain people's language, put me up for the night, made me discover her home-made kombucha (I only drank ALL of what she had) and sent me off with home-made sleeping oil.


Californian Girl par excellence

I met Shasara at the pizza day Judy took me to in Elk the week before. She spontaneously invited me to stay at hers in McKinleyville. She lodged and fed me and gave me a bunch of medication for my poison oak rash. We kindly accepted to my resting at hers for a day.


Misty Meadows Jams @ 48053 Hwy 101 S, Bandon, OR 97411

I guess I just have to accept that there is never going to be any unsold produce at places selling produce containing sugar, but Jennifer and Tina still offered a sample jam jar, crackers and some candy! 


Langlois Market & Deli, 48444 Highway 101, Langlois, OR

Jacob prepared an entire box of goodies for me to take. He wanted to give me even more, but there is only this much that I can take on my bike...


Travelling retirees

Bear & Larry not only accepted my 4 am CouchSurfing request but treated me to a bubble bath, wine, delicious food and sent me off with lots of snacks.                       They were ready to take me in again the following day when my                     bike broke except that Larry transformed into my fairy godfather and had a brand new wheel appear on my bike!


Ashworth's Market @ 1585 Sherman Ave, North Bend, OR 97459

Francis offered some bean-filled pastry delish to keep me going!


Retired marine

Brian and his partener Bud took me in when I knocked on their door on a late rainy evening. On top of shelter, they offered food, laundry and a martini to go with that jacuzzi of theirs!


Self-proclaimed bicycle support unit

Ryan offered high-visibility jacket to keep me safe on those curvy tight roads of Oregon!


Halfway Cafe @ 18921 OR-126, Walton, OR 97490

David & Eiland didn't have any extra produce to give away, so instead they fed me a special of their menu. It was to die for!!!


Big Bear Camp @ 89480 Nelson Mtn. Road, Walton, OR 97490

Hal & Tonia basically kidnapped me from the HalfWay Café upon learning I was cycling across the country. They lodged me at their beautiful camp retreat, made me discover their home-made everything and celebrated my birthday with me. They are simply the purest people with the biggest hearts there are. PS. Tonia is a real-life Jane Birkin!!!


Bike-loving math teacher

I called Barb at 8:30 pm: I was at hers just half an hour later. She saved my ass on cold rainy night and even fed me chocolate!


DAC @ 999 Williamette Street, Eugene, OR

Kelsee kindly offered an unsold sandwich to keep my hungry tummy happy!


KIVA GROCERY @ 125 W 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401

Isaac shared a whole box of discarded produce that the shop could no longer sell, but I could still devour...


Writers & teachers

Otis and Zondie were ready to take me into their family house on a basically 10-minute notice. They made me immediately feel like I was one of theirs.


Raft guide, yoga teacher, cyclist

Hayley welcomed me in her house on very short notice. She put me up for the night, shared some lovely food and the best tea ever! She has also gracefully gifted me with a proper sleeping bag, thus saving me from freezing to death whilst camping!!!


Real Estate Agent, former cyclist

Ali and Don took me in, a complete stranger, when I presented myself on their doorstep looking for a place to pitch my tent. They offered bed, shower, food and delicious coffee. Ali even gifted me with a t-shirt designed by her daughter!


Blazin Saddles @ 413 W Hood Avenue, Sisters, OR 97759

Tom offered his time and talent to fix my wheel's spokes after I unapologetically messed them up in a botched attempt at self-bike help...


Melvin's Fir Street Market @ 160 S Fir St, Sisters, OR 97759

More than enthusiastic about my "cheeky quest", Mary immediately offered to buy me lunch at the store where she works. Daryl threw a bunch of bananas!


Logan's Market @ 900 SW 23rd St, Redmond, OR 97756

The trio teamed up to get me anything and everything they could from both the fresh produce aisle and the deli stand.


Cyclists, yoga & English teachers

Kim and Dennis welcomed me in their beautiful house in Prineville and treated me to dinner and ice-cream. There was also a yoga class available in the morning, but I unfortunately had to pass... The hard-boilded eggs were my saviour when I got super hungry!


Pastors, WarmShowers hosts, hostel-owners

Jalet & Pat fixed me up with a bed in their beautiful, cozy, vintage and, most importantly, bike-friendly hostel/church. I was able to stay for 2 nights, get a private tour of the Painted Hills, enjoy great ice-cream and some live-music at the local pub. All thanks to the generosity of this wonderful couple.


Touring tandem couple

These lovely cyclists "have been following me" for several days. Once we've run into each other in Dayville, they invited me to dinner!


Badass cowgirl

Jan took me in for the night when I showed up, unannounced, on her doorstep. She offered not only shelter, but shower, food and some camping gear. Thank you Jan!


Silver Spur @ 150 Ingle St, Mt Vernon, OR 97865

Michelle fed me some lovely home-made soup when I showed up, hungry at her restaurant. It was yummy!


Across the country travellers

I asked them for a water refill, they instantly offered to give me all their snacks. Their trip was over and they bestowed me with a bag full of goodies (there was some chocolate!). If anyone is still questioning the kindness of human beings, have them call me!


Sinclair gas station @ 940 OR-7, Baker City, OR 97814

Even though Terrie no longer had the unsold produce on hand, she offered to buy me two packs of noodle soup so that I wouldn’t go hungry.


Eagle Cap Grill @ 2901-2915 La Grande-Baker Hwy, Baker City, OR 97814

The Grill Restaurant folks kindly agreed to give me their unsold produce of the day. I had 1 litre of some DELICIOUS stew (gone in one sitting), plenty of mashed potatoes and rice: just what a cyclist needs to climb those hills.


WarmShowers host

Gayle kindly agreed to host me on a very last minute desperate call for mercy. She let me stay in her comfy guest room and made me some delicious breakfast, coffee and treated me to her home-made raisin juice!


Old Pine Market @ 130 S Main St, Halfway, OR 97834 

Gayle kindly agreed to host me on a very last minute desperate call for mercy. She let me stay in her comfy guest room and made me some delicious breakfast, coffee and treated me to her home-made raisin juice!


General Practictioner, the horse-riding gal

Kate not only offered a comfy bed in her beautiful house, but also took me out to dinner to the best restaurant in town. She provided medical advice to my ills and aches, gave me plenty of food, a knife and some sports drink supplement. Thaaaank you Kate!


WarmShowers host, bike-garage owner

Russ and Sheila welcomed me in their beautiful house when I collapsed buy the side of the road in John Day. Not only did they provide me with a place to sleep (a CAMPING CAR), an air-conditionned living room, dinner, snacks and happy times, but Russ has kindly fixed my bike and gave me a new tube and tyre. So precious!


Gateway Store & Café @ 4330 ID-71, Cambridge, ID 83610

Lamar kindly accepted to let me stay for the night on his property when too tired to continue I refused to move from his comfy air-conditioned café. I was able to hang out there on the internet and he even fed me dinner!


The Round Up Coffee House @ 1-29 E Central Blvd, Cambridge, ID

Lynda didn't have any leftovers (who DOESN'T finish their cookies and their coffee?!) so she offered to sponsor the beverage of my choice out of her pocket. I got a MAGNIFICIENT broken turtle: the BEST iced-coffee EVER!


Alpine Store @ 1051 US-95, Indian Valley, ID

Despite being super efficient with her food and not having any faste items, Rana offered to make me a beautiful wholesome sandwich to go!


Shell @ 217 Michigan St, Council, Idaho 83612

Rhonda & Brandy enthusiastically let me have several items off their hot food section to eat it and to take away.


Poet, wine rep, inhabitant of New Meadows

I took Jess by surprise when I knocked on his door asking for safe shelter. I think he was too startled to say anything else but "yes." He put me up on his comfy sofa, fed some food and coffee. Just a regular Friday night of taking strangers in, right?


Brown's Market @ 302 Virginia St, New Meadows, ID 83654

Tauna offered some hot food and a big bag of crisps for me to go. Thank you for your help Tauna! As you could see: I am as real as it gets! Lol!


Seven Devils Steakhouse @ 312 Main St, Riggins, ID 83549

Being at their very busiest, no food goes unattended. Randy graciously offered to share some of her fruit though, as she really wanted to help me on my quest!


Back Eddy Grill @ 533 Main St, Riggins, ID 83549

James & Andrew made me a big fat meal out of some bear they had on stock. It's just like pork: you have to cook it through! Thank you guys!


This busy little place has had a stellar record of no food waste. The owner, Red, decided therefore to buy me breakfast and loads of coffee...


Reyna turned out to be my soul-mate. She and her husband Pat opened their house to me, providing me not only with shafe shelter but also food, beer and plenty of ice-cake. They say that what goes on in Grangeville stays in Grangeville, so I can't tell you everything but believe me, it was something! I am so grateful for my newfound best friend!


Hard-working mum of five & softball player

These crazy ladies initially helped me out with some water but they later decided they wanted to give me lunch on top of it. They chased after me in their car and gifted me with a beautiful home-made meal. Thank you!


Kooskia café @ 6 Main St, Kooskia, ID 83539

Mikayla & Jemima treated me to some of their unsold delicious meals. I even got to get some to go!


The break I took to ask for some pain-killers (because mine were, obviously, on the BOTTOM of my paniers...) turned into a beer & pizza party. Once again the perfect example of how people's disinterested generosity pops up in the most unexpected places... BTW, the pizza was from Red's (four pictures up from this one!). It's a small world after all!


Fellow touring cyclists

I run into Kait & David at the Adventure Cycling Association. David seemed to like my story enought to spontaneously offer to buy me any ACA map I wanted. Yay! He also said he wanted to feature me in his book, so guys, I'm going FAMOUS!!! LOL!


Inhabitants of Missoula

Debbie not only hosted me in the spacious loft at her landlord's house but also fed and clothed me. She's been a great companion and my private tour guide to Missoula. Together with her parents, Julie & Tom, she took me for a trip to the Glacier National Park. They all fed me loads of ice-cream and chocolate. 


Sales assistants @ Green Source, 617 S Higgins Avenue, Missoula, MT 59802 

These lovely ladies were thrilled to hear about my trip and the idea of living off of unsold, culled, expired produce and products. They invited me to take whatever I wanted from their unsold smoothies shelf, as the store was closing for the day and those items could no longer be sold.


Deli sales assitants

These wonderful ladies were happy to share their unsold produce of the day with me. Unfortunately, as they explained, food banks and associations refuse to take cooked/prepared food (probably due to their very short shelf life) and much of it gets wasted. If anyone has an idea how to remedy this, please come forward!


THE WarmShowers host of Missoula

Bruce accepted to put me up for several nights in his beautiful cyclists-friendly mansion. He is THE WarmShowers host by excellence, welcoming as many bikers as is physically possible. He shared some of his yummy food and accepted to barter an iPhone replacement service for a GoPro-like camera. Thank you Bruce!


Free Cycles @ 732 S. 1st Street West, Missoula 

Erik, Chad, Emily & Eric welcomed me in their beautiful bike workshop and hopped right on to help me pimp up my ride. I learned how to disassemble an entire crankset and take off a triple, Erik broke some sweat to find me a new mountain triple and I was given a new tyre and brand new pedals. I basically got my Christmas presents in July!!!


Special needs teacher, runner

Trevor accepted my same-day request and put me up at his lovely house for a couple of nights. He treated me to some life-chaning oatmeal, invited to a barbeque and took out for the 4th of July fireworks. He's such a joy to be around, great dancer and a REAL patriot ;-).


Tennis instructor

Dave offered a place for my last night in Missoula. He put me up in his awesome camper and let me play with his cute dog. Great conversation, great guy!


Sales assistants

These lovely ladies offered a bunch of their unsold yummy yogurts: exactly what I'd been craving for!


Moondance Café @ 3rd Street and Meridan Rd, Victor, MT

Nicole has once traveller herself on minimal ressources and so was more than happy to share her tasty food with me. One less burger in the trash (cancelled order), one more burger in my tummy. Was delicious!

Deli salesperson @ People's Market, 801 N Main St, Darby, MT 59829

Rick has given me some of the unseold yet very yummy food to keep me going.  



The Guardian Angel of Touring Cyclists from Darby

If there was an encyclopaedia entry for Guardian Angel, Curtis' photo would be there to illustrate the concept. He is the most kind, generourous and welcoming person there is. On the night I was staying, there were 8 of us. And we each got a bed! This man is an INSTITUTION.

Fellow traveller

Bill and his dog chatted me up at the rest area near the Chef Josheph Pass. He spontaneously offered food, water and send me off with $40, which is going into my fundraiser, obviously!



Car driver

This random (and very handsome) stranger, left me food and a sports drink at the top of the Chef Joseph Pass. He then drove all the way down to let me know a gift was waiting for me on top. Too bad I didn't have the reflex to take a photo of him!

CouchSurfing host, biologist

Andrew hosted me in his 5* beautiful house (with a sauna! And chickens!) on a very short notice. Not only did he prepare a wonderful meal but he also sent me off with a one-week stock of sports snack and donated money to my fundraiser. Thank you!


The Shack @ 301 Main St, Twin Bridges, MT 59754

The Shack owenr, Patty, liked so much the idea of my trip that told me to get straight to the breakfast buffet instead of waiting for the restaurant closure. Precious!


Inhabitants of Alder

Mike spontaneously offered to put me up in his shop when I pulled up at the bar with some storm clouds right behind me. He offered beer, fed me "a FUCKING burger" and contributed to my fundraiser whilst Rhonda gave me a real cowgirl hat.


Chick's Bar @ 2322 Mt Highway 287 Alder, Montana 59710

Randy not only fed me dinner, but he basically paid me to eat it ($5 a bite, if anyone's interested). He's the owner of the Chick's Bar = THE place to be in this part of the world.


Fellow road travellers

Mike & Barbara responded to my "need water" sign and helped me refill. They also gave me food and money to contribute towards my fundraiser.



The Dunes Café @ 1790 OR-126, Florence, OR 97439

The Dunes Café's chef offered one of his unsold, ready-to-eat meals for me to take. It was delicious!!!


The restaurant wasn't open yet, but Jessica sent me off with two cans of fruit.


Nacho Mama's Burritos @ 110 W Main Street Virginia City, Montana

These two lovely ladies didn't have any unselable items but they still offered to feed me lunch. The cheese taco was exactly what I needed! 


Sales Assistant @ THE hod dog place in Ennis, MT

Beth gave me an entire meal to keep my tummy from going hungry. She also let me hang out at her eatery and use the internet until the place closed.



Corinna not only let me have a delicious scone the restaurant could no longer sell, but also treated me to a whole breakfast with coffe!

Yesterday's Soda Fountain @ 124 Main St, Ennis, MT 59729

Inhabitants of Ennis, MT

I was desperate for electricity for my CPAP machine and Dave agreed for me to camp in his garden and plug into his grid. His wife and I had a lovely heart to heart talk. Great evening!



Sandy & Jim and then Elly, Lisa & Jasmin chatted me up to enquire about my trip. They all liked the concept so much, that they decided to give me some cash so that I can use it either to get myself a "fucking burger" or for an emergency. Or they simply paid me so that I shut the fuck up... You decide. (The money, obviously, goes into my fundraiser.)




This lovely trio kindly donated their unsold soup from the day. With crackers. Delicious!

Old Town Cafe @ 128 Madison Ave, West Yellowstone, MT 59758


Blake gave me lots and lots of sweet snacks that he could no longer sell. He didn't expect that unhealthy sugar could make someone this happy...

Sinclair Gas Station @ 300 Madison Ave, West Yellowstone, MT 59758


These great ladies not only let me hang out at their lovely café for an entire day but they gave me some of their produce and even shared their own lunch with me. THANK YOU LADIES!

Yellowstone Greens & Grounds

21 N Canyon St 59758 West Yellowstone, MT


Judy & Eric chatted me up in West Yellowstone and when I learned they were headed west, I enquired about their Yellowstone 7-day pass. They kindly agreed to give it to me so that I could continue on my moneyless quest...

Fellow TransAmerican (westbound) cyclists


Trecen & Ashlynn shared the bagel they could no longer sell and made me some iced-coffee. May be too old to sell but never too old to eat!

Espresso West @ 10 Canyon St West Yellowstone, Montana 59758

Fellow visitors to Yellowstone

They asked to have a photo taken in front of the Yellowstone welcome sign, they left me with 30 dollars for "whetever I needed." Turns out I needed a new spoke but the rest is going into my fundraiser.



Burham let me "camp" on the floor of his tiny camper, allowed me to even sleep in his bed when he was out at work, fed me and gave me BEAR SPRAY! Perfect host for any cyclist.

CouchSurfing Host in West Yellowstone


Jinny liked my story so much that she decided to sent me off with a bag full of snacks and money! The cash is obviously going into my fundraiser.

Staff at one of the Yellowstone's Old Faithful resort

Dorm manager at one of the Yellowstone tourist attractions

Despite harsh rules governing the Park and risking a reprimand, Letticia put me up for the night in one of the beds of the staff dormitory she manages. She also gave me a private guided tour of the lieu and hooked me up with the washing machine allowing for a free laundry of my stinky clothes. THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!



I asked these two lovely ladies to watch over my bike and, in the end, we spent an hour chatting and laughing. They sent me off with water, food, snacks and even some litterature!

My bicycle guards at West Thumb


After hearing my pitch at the local grocery shop, Max offered to make me some peanutbutter-jelly sandwiches (a first for me!). Along with some bananas and a drink, I got a full meal. Mike, I had the sandwiches for breakfast and they were delicious!

Dad & sons on a trip together


I asked Heather & Ron for a can opener (I had left mine at a host's one month ago) and we ended up spenig the entire evening and morning together. They offered food, fed me beer, awesome cake and COFFEE in the morning. Thank you guys for all your kindness. I had a great time with you!!!

Fellow visitors to the National Parks


Nancy & Micky immediately adhered to my moneyless food-saving quest and gave me everythig that wouldn't hold until the following day. Their lovely pastries and bread fed many a hungry cyclist staying at the local church. 

Owners of 2 Baking Moms bakery


Scott didn't have any unsellable items so instead he shared his own personal treats with me!

Lava Mountain Lodge @ 3577 US Hwy, 26 Dubois, WY 82513



Super Foods store is really quite superb. They are really food waste concious and instead of throwing it away, they offer it at disount prices. I was overwhelmed with the amount of produce the store and the lovely deli owners bestowed me with. I paid it forward and shared with the local cycling community!

Dubois Super Foods @ 610 W Ramshorn St, Dubois, WY


Kary Jo made sooo many cyclists happy when she gave us plenty of AMAZING food she could no longer use the following day: meat, dessert and veggies. There were tears of joy. 

Owner of Rustic Pine Steakhouse @ 123 E Ramshorn St, 82513 Dubois, WY


Ashley and Shannon (the owner) kindly donated two unsold meals at the end of the day for me and a fellow cyclist to enjoy. It was DELICIOUS!

GM of Nostalgia Bistro @ 202 East Ramshorn St, 82513 Dubois, WY


Erin was able to find me some old but still usable tyres for my ride. He also treated me and two fellow cyclists to ice-cream and beer! Heaven

Gannett Peak Sports @ 351-B Main Street, Lander, WY


Once this place closed for the day, Patrick accepted to give away the food the coffee shop was no longer able to use nor sell. Instead of filling the landfill, it fed 5 hungry cyclists!

Crux Coffe @ 300 Main St, Lander, WY 82520


This lovely coffee shop is super food-efficient. The older produce is sold at reduced prices for people to enjoy. Nothing gets wasted. Angie - the owner - decided therefore to feed me items off the menu. And sent me off with some bagels!

Lander Bake Shop @ 259 Main Street,​ Lander, WY 82520


Gregory saved my life by fixing my breaks which had started to disintegrate the night before. He also straightened my saddle and gave me a tyre.

The Bike Mill @ 109 Main St, 82520 Lander, WY


Anthony stopped in his RV and I asked him for water. Turned out his was supporting two of his mates on the TransAm bike trail. He spontaneously offered me snacks to go with my water!

One of the Lost Boys on Bikes


This couple stopped when passing me on the hill to give me kudos and a sports drink. Talk about random acts of kindness!

Fellow travellers


Jeff didn't have any unselables on hand but decided to share his own personal stock of food with me!

Gas station sales person


Wendy was so impressed with my with trip that she decided to support me financially. The $20 she donated is going to my fundraiser.

Gas station sales assistant


The moment these two saw me sitting on a porch of a church, they invited me over to theirs for the night. They opened their house and their hearts to me. Instant connection. Feeling blessed! 

Inhabitants of Rawlins


Maya gave me old the old bread the shop was not using and Domantas bought me lunch (and then prepared it himself!). Thank you guys!

Lollypops @ 107 E Bridge Ave, Saratoga, Wyoming


Knowing that I would not have access to bathroom at the camping spot I was going to stay at, Bob offered to let me take my shower at his. Then he offered some watermelon. And then the guest bedroom he had to spare. And in the morning, he fed me breakfast and coffee!

Inhabitant of Riverside


These two lovely girls decided to send me off with a home made dish of rice and chicken. The meal disappeared in one sitting.

Exchange students to Waldon