That Cycling Chick's

Hall of Fame.


Mays Mart @ 116 S Washington St, Walnut Grove, MO 65770

The little town shop didn't have any unsellables to spare, so Suz offered to make me a big fat sandwich for the road.


Cycling inhabitants of Springfield

Terry chatted me up when I was just about to finish my lunch break.  She was on her daily cycling run and we connected immediately. She offered to put me up for the night but ended up doing so much more! With her husband Bill, they offered food, ice-cream, laundry, music, snacks for the road and money (which, obviously, goes into my fundraiser). And some good music!


The Little Clay House @ 238 N. Clay Street, 65706 Marshfield, MO

I bumped into Barbie when getting some medication and she got interested in my trip. Upon learning I was headed east, she said that I needed to stop at her daughter's tea room and get some lunch on her. Some amazing lunch I did, indeed, have. Carly sent me off with another meal to go and some awesome cake. 

Big thanks to Carly's customer Julie for the 20 bucks which, obivously, goes into my fundraiser.


LJD's Café @ 127 Rolla St, Hartville, MO 65667

Ann was happy to save the unsold food from the trash, providing me with a hearty breakfast and some solid lunch to go.


Country Store @ 11068 Hwy 38, Bendavis, MO 65484

Rebekah gave me her entrie stock of pastries that she could no longer sell. All happily ended in my hungry stomach!


Rusty Gate Café @ 245 2nd Street, Summersville, MO 65571

Jeff was happy to let me have whatever the unsold food of the day he was left with. He let me hang out, use the internet and also fed french fries and a soda.


Ozark Hills local

Chip stopped his car when he saw me sweating up those merciless Ozark Hills. He wanted to help so bad he waiting for me atop one of the climbs with dinner and beers. Godsend!


Self-proclaimed circus without the tent from Farmington, MO

Nathan and Travena took me in for a night and provided with anything and everything I needed. Dinner. Dessert. Ice-cream. Laudry. Shower. Bed. Great convo. Awesome disco music. Snacks for the road. And a precious contact near New York City for when I get there. Thank you guys!


WarmShowers hosting mum of seven from Murphysboro, IL

Tabitha hosted me on a very short notice in a flat that I had all to myself. She was very flexible with my late arrival despite her demanding kids' routine. I wish we had more time to exchange but we did hang out in the morning a little with her happy household of seven!


Longbranch Café & Bakery @ 100 East Jackson Street, Carbondale, IL 62901

Oh my gosh, words cannot describe the beauty of this place: both on the outside and the inside. I came in hungry and the team set me up with the best food ever. I even got some chocolate-coated coffee beans to go (it's just like coffee but without the peeing). Elaine also gave $20 which obviously goes into my fundraiser.


Longbranch Café's customers and inhabitants of Carbondale, IL

Barbara and Donna liked me trip so much that they decided to support me not only morally but also financially. The $40 is going, obviously, into my fundraiser!


Inhabitants of Goreville, IL

Ray & Sylvia were dining at the local eatery when I rolled in, EXHAUSTED, enquiring about a church that supposedly hosted cyclists. When no-one was able to get in touch with the pastor, the couple invited me to spend the night at their house. They fed me, offered laundry and sent me off with snacks for the road.


FiveStar @ 110 N Main St, Marion, KY 42064

John kindly offered to buy me breakfast as his store's policy didn't allow to give out any unsellables. The protein-rich sandwich was exactly what I needed and the coffee: a LIFE-SAVER! 


Jeri's Café @ 9109 State Route 132 W 42404 Clay, KY

The restaurant was closing that afternoon for a couple of days, so Moriah offered to feed me anything off the menu in order to limit food waste. I was so hungry and that lunch was godsend! Thank you also to Missy for the $5 that has gone into my fudraiser.


First Baptist Church @ 12100 State Route 132 E 42455 Sebree, Kentucky

The Sebree First Baptist Church has been hosting cyclists for over 30 years. Pastor Bob took an hour to show me around and talk about the local life and culture. In the evening, he and his wife Violet had me over for food and some passionate convo. Great evening! 


Facebook-stranger-turned-Facebook-friend, cycling buff

Jimmy, who's been following me on my travel through my Facebook page, decided to come down to see me when he learnt I was passing near his hometown. He brought me antlers (for the antlers handlebars), snacks and drinks. They kept me going for DAYS!


Fire Department @ 160 W Main St 42343 Fordsville, KY

Kendra let me into the volunteer fire department of Fordsville on behalf of the fire team. I was too tired to engage in any human contact, yet she still provided me with food and drink. 


Inhabitant of Fordsville, KY

Ann wanted to feed me dinner but as I collapsed in bed at 6pm, she suggested I come for morning coffee instead. She insisted to put breakfast into my tummy and sent me off to the local diner with $20 in hand.


Brooks Cafe @ 135 Main St, Sonora, KY 42776

Rhonda didn't have any unsellables to spare so offered to feed me anything off the menu instead. Special surprise: her family's café has been feeding hungry cyclists for almost 40 years and has the OFFICIAL 40-year-old log to prove it!


South Fork Baptist Church @ 4915 New Jackson Hwy 42748 Hodgenville, KY

This happy team of three took me in when I was seeking shelter from rain. We spent several hours talking God, church, faith and religion: PASSIONATE! They offered shower and a place for a nap but as I wanted to go on, only took them up on the snacks offer. Kept me going for days!


Fire Department @ 220 N 5th St 40004 Bardstown, KY

The fire team of Bardstown took me in without hesitation when I rolled into their fire station at night. There were laughs, there was laundry, there was convo and a motorbike too. I also got some snacks and some extra goodies!


Inhabitant of the Bardstown region, KY

Danny took me off the road when, beaten down after an unsuccessful try at the local highway (off the TransAm route), I was ready to drop everything and quit. He gave me a ride to Berea and kept me entertained with his humour and enthusiasm all the way. 


BP Gas Station @ 2590 Springfield Rd, Bardstown, KY 40004

Since she didn't have anything she was about to discard, Sandy bought me a sandwich to keep me started that day. And coffee, to keep me living.


WarmShowers host, Berea tourist point staff

Maya contacted me after I stayed with her pal JeanMarie in Toronto. She managed to squeeze me in for two nights (aka comas) of rest despite her busy life-routine. She fed me, she clothed me and she even helped me rise to fame by arranging for an interview at the local newspaper!


Opal's Restaurant @ 180 Water St 40447 McKee, KY

When I enquired for unsellable's at Kathy's restaurant she immediately rushed to the kitchen to fix me up with something. I also got the life-saving COFFFEEEEE that made it possible for me to continue.


Visitor from Indiana

Eugene was visiting Kentucky for a family reunion and stroke up a conversation when I stopped my climb to catch a breath. Upon hearing that I was raising funds for three NGOs, he decided to contribute to my fundraiser.


Ole Bus Stop Diner @ 64 Mulberry St 41314 Booneville, KY

Upon asking for any potential unsellables, Jason offered to feed me anything off the menu, providing thus a very much needed breakfast for the hungry cyclist that I was that morning.


Inhabitant of the Hazard region, KY

I was sitting on Elaine's driveway to catch my breath - in the midst of climbing those tiresome local hills - when she came out to ask if I needed anything. I followed her into her house to fill on water, I left with my tummy filled on food.


WarmShowers host in Hazard, KY

I was riding for days in the WarmShowers desert when, suddenly, there was Hazard with several people ready to host. All thanks to Mae, who's been not only welcoming cyclists in her abode but also preaching the TransAm and WS gospel to anyone who'll listen. She took me out to a dinner with friends and made PANCAKES in the morning! Not even my mum does that for me!