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Day 1

San Francisco – Forest Knolls @ 49km

I start the day tired for I have been waking up all throughout the night due to excitement.

I takes me almost until noon to get my stuff together, pack up, install the panniers, the bike computer and then redo everything when it turns out I got it all wrong.

When I finally manage to drag myself out of Jeremy’s it turns out that my ride wiggles and wobbles into all possible directions. I knew it: it’s because it is too heavy due to all of the stuff I’ve taken. Impossible for me to get rid of anything for the moment, I carefully get into the saddle and try not to move. A muscle. Hopefully, by pretending I’m not even there, the bike will withhold all the weight:

I get out of San Francisco through the Golden Gate Bridge after an hour. I have made it through, what seems to me, the steepest street in the world although, being too afraid to ride it, I walked it. Once out of the city, the beauty of nature welcomes me in all its glory. This is why I LOVE cycling so much!!!

Once closer to my destination, the climbs start to get bigger and the headwind stronger. I’m at the top of one the hills when a violent blast of wind almost knocks me off:

“FUUUUUUCK!!!” comes out from the top of my lungs. A cyclist pulls up beside me right there and then to confirm that it’s “pretty rough, huh?” I feel embarrassed for that was supposed to be a private call for mercy.

“You looking for Margit?”

“Eeeeerrrr… how do you know???”

“I just know these kind of things” replies the mysterious cycling cowboy.

“Follow me.” he says and off we go.

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