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Day 2

I haven’t cycled in such a long time that the first “morning after” is quite painful. On the bright side, there’s a Bambi outside my window which is quite a sight for the sore eyes.

Margit and James send me off with a hearty breakfast. What’s even more heart-warming is that some of that delicious food had been dumpster rescued: apparently, I should expect to be spoiled on my dives and so I can’t wait!!! Make food not bombs!!!

I leave for the hills and the headwind. Having inspected my gear, James believes it might not have the capacity to take me over them. Very soon I find this to be more than true: I basically have to walk every frigging climb in sight. But at least the sun is out and it’s beautiful and bright, right?

Na-ah. I am fighting against the most violent headwind I have ever encountered. Even on downward slopes I need to power through as if I were climbing. On several occasions it feels like the wind is going to knock me over so I brace the handlebars and pray for mercy.

If the wind doesn’t blow my head off, I should make it to my tonight’s shelter by 7ish.

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