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Day 5

After a good night’s rest thanks to Becky and Mark who had not only fed me but had also given me an extension cord for my breathing machine for the night, I am really sad to be leaving. This couple has been so wonderful to me and they truly are a bundle of joy and warmth.

Off I set at noon, in the direction of Manchester. This is where my next host Judy works as the post office master. She has kindly offered to take all my luggage so that I can ride the remaining 20 km lightweight. I am sooo thrilled at the idea for it is every touring cyclist’s dream to be able to ride luggage-free.

Just in front of Judy’s post office – the closest one to Hawaii! – I get hailed by a couple of female bikers. There is another couple of rides against the wall: they belong to another couple travelling in the same direction as the two ladies (and yes, they have become friends by now). We start conferring when yet another twosome pull up from the road. Improvised bicycle summit!!! My phone unfortunately dies at the very moment (too many bike vibes?) so I cannot take a photo but should have one soon, courtesy of one of the other cyclists (fingers crossed!).

After an hour chat we all part our ways. I only have 20 km to go but with the hills, the headwind and my scant low gears, it will take me quite some time.

I have some huge hills to clamber so I am very grateful indeed not to have any luggage. I’m not sure whether I would have been able to climb them fully loaded... Probably I *would* have, in the end, but after having died a couple of times along the way. On top of all, I get a nasty headache: I must be a bit tired. After the 20 km, there is no sign of Judy’s home though. I randomly get a bar of network on my phone and am able to look up the address. Ahhh… it’s an extra 10 km! She must have been talking to me in miles whilst all I heard was kilometres…

I’m determined though. I will make it hers, on my own, even if I have to crawl in the end. And in the end I do.

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