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Day 7

Robert, my lovely CouchSurfing host who fixed me up with some dinner, amazing wine and great conversation the previous night, has prepared some ass-kicking frittata for breakfast. Let me tell you, Robert is a serious serial cook – it’s the best breakfast I have ever had!!!

On my way out, slow as I am, I meet another CouchSurfer coming in, for Robert doing some good in the lives of random travellers. Did I mention that he also gave me, as a farewell gift, a bike helmet and a headband, for I had lost mine the day before? THANK YOU!

Before leaving the town, I hit a store and get some magnificent organic produce to go. Half of which I actually end up giving to a nearby homeless person, for I simply have been given too much.

Time to get going. The road is beautiful. Right by the ocean, through the forests and dunes. There’s so much beauty in the world I feel simply spoiled.

Sometime after lunch, the ocean steam takes over the land: it’s been so hot and sunny in the past days that the water is currently warmer than the air. I can literally feel it warm my skin, as if I were wrapped in a heated cloudy duvet…

Westport is the last town I’m going to be crossing in two days. Rachel, a chaming redhead working in the local shop, is more than happy to help me with food. She lets me have not only some older produce, but even some candy, for the energy of course!

I leave with a bag full of groceries, not sure I’ll be able to eat it all actually. The evening come, I look out for the camping spot Judy mentioned. I keep looking to the left, but maybe she said to the right? I don’t know anymore. The couple of spots I like are closed to the public (the forest gate says “members only”). The one I finally set myself on is also a “members only “area, but the gate is open and, you know, I decide not to care about their “avoid arrest” sign.

I set up the tent quickly enough to be able to take some time, sit down and chill out by the fire. If I manage to make one! Did you know how DIFFICULT it actually is to make a fire? To start it and make it last? Well, neither did I because NOBODY has ever taught me. After an hour of trying, I use up most of my lighter’s fuel and ALL of my medical prescriptions (the ONLY paper I have). It’s after this cathartic act, it dawns on me: I need to build a small firewood tepee! The kind of which you always see in children’s books or cartoons? Remember? No? Well look at the below image for 60 seconds

You WILL thank me once you find your ass stranded in a cold forest.

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