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Day 8

I wake up to the sound of a car at 6.00 am. Is this the patrolling the “Members Only” signs warned about? Am I going to get arrested now? I freeze and stop breathing. The car stops. Oh my god, THEY ARE COMING FOR ME!!! The vehicle starts again and leaves. Phew! They must have decided I was not worth the bother. Good for me!

Off I go into the morning forest. And it’s uphill all the time and without a break. For 15 kilometres. My gears are not up to the challenge so I spend the four hours pushing my bike at a snail’s pace. After the 13th kilometre I start to get tired of this and, namely, my back is complaining. I have been warned though that these are one of the most challenging roads in the country. I suffer, sure, but I suffer in beauty.

With no habitation in sight, I hail down several cars to ask for water. I have been in this forest for over 24 hours and have used all my supplies. Luckily for me, people do stop and help out. I am also very grateful for the yesterday’s food donation as I am constantly hungry and basically have to stop every 1h30 to have breakfast(s).

After Leggett, I start to see more and more of the tall ancient trees that the redwood ahead is full of. They are taller than what you can see, if that’s even possible, and have been around since Jesus Christ (apparently!).

Before heading to my tonight’s host, Leib, I go to a local supermarket to get some food. I have learnt to ask before going dumpster diving as people will often just give me whatever I need. Today is the day of my first refusal though. The produce staff are afraid to provide me with anything as it may cost them their jobs: the company is very strict and won’t even have their OWN employees take anything expired or damaged. I head therefore for the dumpsters.

What I see is heart-breaking: perfectly edible fresh produce thrown away. Because there’s a scratch on the melon. Because one strawberry doesn’t look so neat. Because… I don’t know what since what I rescue is in PERFECT FUCKING condition.

Shameful. I decide wasters should be exposed. Therefore please check out my Hall of Shame page to know where NOT to spend your money.

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