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Day 9

The Avenue of the Giants is calling!

It’s the world famous scenic ride with an outstanding display of huge Christ-old trees. I am a little bit tired but the thought of cycling through it imparts me with renewed energy.

I get my caffeine from a lovely local coffee shop and with that in my blood, I am ready to go. I enter the Avenue in just some 30 minutes and see the road sign which reads: “bike can use FULL line.” Yeah, bicycle playground, here we come!

I stop at the first shop in sight for some water refill and food. Before I get to ask the question a lady who followed me inside inquires with a smile on her face about my whereabouts. I start explaining but before I get to the core, I can already see sparkles in her eyes. She is sooo thrilled! We hit it off immediately and before I know it, I have two meals in my panniers and a place to stay for the night!

I did not expect to be staying at the Avenue of the Giants, even less at a beautiful motel in the middle of the wilderness. And yet, here I am! After an afternoon nap I get to meet Stuart: an older Native American painter. He’s excited to share his art with me and delighted to hear I’m from Paris: his dad’s father was Parisian, so there’s some French blood in his veins too! He’s curious to know whether I have been to the American Embassy in Paris for he has once sent his painting there. Well, I now know I’ll definitely have to go back to check it out!

In the meantime, he invites me, Dotti (the lovely shop and motel owner) and her husband Graham to some fine dining in the woods!

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