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Day 10

After a good day of rest, I am excited to be hopping back in the saddle.

The Avenue of the Giants that has been waiting for me is simply stunning: full of ancient, older-than-Christ giant sequoias (thanks Robert!), taller than the eye can see.

The manager of the Shrine Drive-Thru Tree site allows me to go in for free (see, it never hurts to ask!). Like any self-respecting tourist, I ride through the said tree and stop for some Kodak time. The couple I solicit for this spontaneously offers me food and send me off with 19 dollars (people, STOP giving me money, lol!). The cash, obviously, goes into my fundraiser.

Other than that, the road moves rather swiftly under my tires. Before I realise, I have done 111 km and am getting into my tonight’s hosts for some 100% home-made dinner (beer too!): Dick and Kathy.

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