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Day 11

Dick & Kathy took me over to their friends’ house in Willow Creek the night before. We spent the evening mingling with new people, enjoying some great food and beautiful nature. And I learnt the new best game: throwing stones on the bank on the other side of the river (I failed).

The morning come, there is still so much to talk about and do that we only leave at around noon. Chris and Mike (the hosts) sent me off with a $20 which, obviously, goes into my fundraiser. We also have the time to have some of the neighbours’ daughter’s soda after which off we go.

Back by the Ocean, with the sky covered anew by fog, Dick takes time to sit down with me and help fine-tune my bicycle. Turns out that some of my spokes are totally off. In other words, had I been speeding down a hill, my back wheel might have disintegrated, I might have face planted on the road and ripped my skin off...

Luckily for me, my cycling guardian angel (this is you, Dick!) fixes the issue and saves YET another life of an ignorant bike enthusiast…

I set off soon after for just a two-hour ride since my next host, whom I met back in Elk, is just 25 km northbound. This means plenty of time to look for discarded foods and put those big shops to the waste test… You can gauge the results by yourself from the photos below and on my Hall of Fame (and the one of Shame!).

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