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Day 12

Tuesday come and I can barely move. My eyes won’t stay open and my upper back feels like if its every single bone and muscle got dislocated. What is happening??? And then it dawns upon me: the rock throwing game from the day before! I went at it with all my heart, for half an hour, except that the last time I threw ANYTHING ANYWHERE must have been 17 years ago in high school… I guess this is what is called “old age”… I therefore stay put and chill out with my host Shasara: a real-life Californian girl who surfs, is tanned and blonde!

On Wednesday I am feeling a lot better despite the bizarre rash that appeared on my legs… Must be spider bites from the night I spent under the stars. Well, as long as I can move, I’m going!

The route takes me by the ocean, which I enjoy a lot, despite the ups and downs of the road. A little bit before 6pm I stop at a “Snack Shack” in Orick to ask for some unsold food items that I could save from the trash. Edie, the shop owner, immediately offers to feed me anything of the menu so I get to enjoy a lovely burger with an enormous salad. Not only that! As soon as her son gets back from work, she arranges with him for me to pitch my tent in his garden for the night!

The entire family gathers in the evening to have some roasted marshmallows. They make me discover S’mores: the ultimate marshmallow treat with biscuits and chocolate. All in a cosy atmosphere by the fire, good conversation and some laughs. A perfect kind of evening!

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