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Day 13

My body’s getting tired: I sleep like a LOG until 9.30am.

When I am finally ready to go, Edie asks whether I can stop at the local primary school. It’s where her grandson Jacob - who helped me set up my tent the night before and gifted me with a Redwood beer opener (I love it!) - goes.

Orick Elementary Primary School is an institution which caters to children between the age of 4 and 15(ish). They currently have 14 students and 2 teachers doing MAGIC to make education happen among this diverse gathering of individuals (maths is the toughest!). I have the privilege of sharing some ideas and inspirations for my current trip with the whole school: they listen attentively, they ask questions, they comment. What a graceful audience!

I get invited for lunch: the school feeds all its children and staff which I hear is pretty unusual for the US. Keep up the good work! I am sad to leave but the road is calling. Jacob sends me off with the most heart-warming hug one can get. This boy is simply pure joy and beauty.

I am headed to Crescent City where I’m supposed to stay with a WarmShowers’ CHURCH! So exciting! But before I can get there, there’s one painful mountain I need to climb. I get a headache. I have my period full on and my back is KILLING me. The hill doesn’t care though and so I spend 3 hours patiently pushing my bike. And just when I think I am not going to make it, I finally reach the top of the hill and manage to slide to Katie’s shelter before dark. Mission accomplished!

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