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Day 15

Today is tough.

Any time I don’t get to use my breathing machine at night, I am knackered the day after. But that’s okay, I have gotten used to it by now and can manage. More or less.

The road is quite curvy and hilly. I still walk most of the climbs, but I guess the ratio has now dropped from 100% to 90% of walking against 10% of riding the mounts. It’s tiresome but I am undeniably getting better at it.

I am also now quite used to the ice-cold wind which pierces every sun-burnt cell of my body with improbable precision, benumbing whatever remains alive inside.

The tough part is the headwind. It’s wearing me one blow at a time. To the point where I simply REFUSE to cycle and decide to push my bike on a DOWNHILL slope. Yes, this is how ridiculous it is.

My plans of riding far and beyond today come to nothing: I stop 40 km short of my goal, just a half a mile north of Port Orford.

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