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Day 14

My poor legs are better, I slept all of the Saturday and feel rested and ready to hit the road again. And today is a big day for I will be entering Oregon!

I wonder what to expect: a different land? A different language (lol)? Different people and mentalities? Unlocked garbage bins (fingers crossed!)?

What I encounter are lovely views, welcoming people and VIOLENT headwind. I guess feeling like you’re cycling uphill when riding downhill is bad enough already, but when you see birds flapping their wings in one spot and NOT moving a bit: that’s when you know it’s real bad.

I manage to do a decent run of over 95 km though and end up in Gold Beach. I head to a local RV park to see if I could pitch my tent there in exchange for some work. For various reasons it is unfortunately impossible but Lisa, the (former) park manager, is determined to find a solution. After several attempts with the neighbours, some hot tea and snacks, she sends me off to a friend of hers who can accommodate me in her garden.

I get to sleep under the stars, only feet away from the ocean: tucked into big fat duvets and enjoying the fun of an outdoor trampoline…

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