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Day 16

The evening before turns out to be a crash course in American history. We discuss the state of the country, the politics and the composition of the local population. Bryn and her flatmate Alden explain the story of the Civil War and the Confederate Flag (I didn’t pay much attention during my history classes back in school). It’s fascinating! It makes you understand… the world around you! I can’t get why they don’t teach history like this in schools: tell fucking STORIES about the human condition, people’s dreams and beliefs! We’ll listen! No, instead they have you memorize whom killed whom, where and when. You know, like the “Grunewald battle from 1410, where Poles & Lithuanians won against the State of the Teutonic Order.” Tell me a STORY that I can relate to and I will follow.

Anyways, the discussion over, I sit down to do some route logistics, work on my photos and update the blog. You know, this thing doesn’t write itself on its own so I eventually go to bed at 4:30 in the morning. I am so going to die when I’ll hit the road again. In just under 5 hours…

The morning come, Bryn makes us some lovely breakfast. A friend of hers came over with his horse-big dog and a mouse decided to pop over for a visit too. We put Bryn’s cat on the task but unfortunately she does not impress us with her mouse-catching skills. After half an hour, the three of us manage to chase the mouse out of the house, but the dogs get over-excited, start running around the house and chase the kitty. Poor thing gets traumatised and runs off into the woods so Bryn and her friend go off on a searching expedition. I stay put in the house for animals usually run off even further when I am around. I play it low profile and Bryn eventually manages to get her cat back. Relieved, I can set off.

Following yesterday’s conversation with my hosts, I am a little bit anxious about the getting into Trumpland: the coastal part of the liberal Oregon is said to be very conservative. And then, just several kilometres up north, the first Trump signs appear. I’m scared.

All the more reasons to keep going and get to my safe shelter for the night: Bear and Larry’s in the Coos Bay area. The couple have kindly accepted my 4 am CouchSurfing request for the same day for they understand how it rolls with cyclists: it’s mostly last minute desperate cries for help…

They open up their house to me, fix me up with a bubble bath and a glass of delicious Californian wine. I am being so spoiled.

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