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Rest days

Ever since I arrived in the US, I have had the “pleasure” of enjoying some of the finest ills and ails. I hit it off with an unidentified rash on my stomach and legs in San Francisco. On the 3rd of cycling I went for some sun allergy that turned my hands into the first stage of leprosy. And just a couple of days ago I opted in for a dislocated upper back (due to having too much fun throwing rocks).

Things were getting a little bit calm recently, so I decided to treat myself to a great Californian classic: poison oak burns! I had only learnt a couple of days before what that plant looked like and considered myself lucky to major in flora recognition *before* I had used any poisonous leaf as toilet paper substitute when stranded in forest. Well, turns out you only have to *brush* your clothes against the poisonous vine for its evil oils to get to you.

Remember those “spider bites” I got after sleeping under the stars? Well, once they start burning like hell, weep blood and ooze watery substance you know you got yourself some poison vine classic and will now suffer like you didn’t imagine was possible.

I call my travel insurer, get hold of an on-call doctor and leave for the pharmacy with a list of stuff to get. I guess I would have been able to cope with the gross itching legs (and bottoms!), but the rash has started to appear on my hands and face and once it gets into the eyes (or any other “delicate” areas of your body): it’s the emergency room and some heavy medication.

I haven’t had the time to go into details of my moneyless challenge but the rules I set for myself were inspired by those of Lilly and Sarah’s: no money, *unless* it’s for medical emergency. And a mobile phone plan.

I am indeed doing this trip to get better, not worse, and one of the top items on my to-do list is “staying alive and in one piece.”

So, here you go, take a look and take in:

I have, yet again, saved your forest-stranded ass. (You're welcome.)

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