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Rest day

Morning come, I move to Otis and Zondie’s whom kindly accepted the evening before to host me for the night. They have two youngsters so it’s recommended that I stay on my best linguistic behaviour. Fuuuuuuuuck… LOL. It’s a challenge for I curse like a sailor and have to admit I rather enjoy it... Oh, you do know this blog is for 18+ and should not be read to children as a bed-night story?

Once settled, I am off to meet with Ryan – a first-time touring cyclist - whom I run into the day before.

On my way to our meeting I come across a bus with “Occupy Medical” written across its side. There are medical professionals taking whoever’s in need in for a free consultation. I sign up for yet another rash has appeared on my body, this time on my hands and it’s really not looking pretty…

My appointment is not for another hour, so I take the opportunity to get some (free) lunch distributed in the other part of the building. There is also a free-food table that people can help themselves to, so I tell Ryan – who wants to get rid of some of his items – to donate them here.

Health-wise, it turns out that I have been exposed to too many allergens (poison oak, heavy sunlight, pollens) and my body started producing histamine that induces an allergic reaction. I get a prescription for steroids but I decide to wait a couple of days to see how the rash develops before rushing to the pharmacy.

After hanging out with Ryan and exchanging some cycling best-practices, I have an opportunity to go to a local 12-step meeting. It feels so comforting to know that you can be at the other side of the world and still connect with people who speak your language and understand you completely, even if you’ve never met before. And it’s the perfect opportunity to donate some of the cash people have given me over the past several days: directly to the association I am raising funds for.

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