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Day 19

I sleep like a log. You could have set me on fire and I would have simply burnt to death. It’s Tonia, who’s leaving for the day, who wakes me up to say goodbye. It’s raining again and it’s not looking pretty. I have had no network nor internet for over 30 hours so my mum must be thinking that I got chopped up into pieces and put in someone’s freezer. Luckily, mum, there’s wifi in here and I still have all my ten fingers (which is not something I can say about my feet…).

Tonia arranges for me to go over to her neighbour, Alice, for an internet session. I am able to get in touch with my mum and probably save her from a heart attack. And since saving a life is a pretty good score for one day, I am done for now and go for a half-an-hour nap.

After a 3-hour snoring session, Hal picks me up on his way back to the camp. It has now stopped raining and the road is calling (Hal has heard it too, lol!). Off I go, doubtful at some point when it starts raining again but, in the end, the sun prevails and the 45km quickly get behind me.

The only thing that is getting me worried is that I haven’t been able to get in touch with my host. With the wheel mishap, the unexpected WarmShowers invite, the rain, the day off and no network, it has indeed been difficult to stay in touch… Once I hit Eugene, I decide it’s time to use the emergency back-up plan: contact local WS hosts directly by phone.

It’s the cheerful Barb that immediately says “sure, come over!” but I also have a place to crash for the following night thanks to Otis and his family’s hospitality. It all turns out, again, amazingly well!

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