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Rest day

It’s all rain and bad weather on the Friday so Hal & Tonia kindly offer to have me over for an extra day. We hang out, I do some writing for the blog, we listen to music and I spend an entire day without… the internet nor phone network. A first for me in I don’t know how many years. Pretty interesting too: I find it quite frustrating not to be able to check everything I want right here, right now.

Tonia makes some barszcz (beetroot soup) as well as a cake for my upcoming birthday. I have a go in the kitchen too and we finish the day by some story-telling (bike-related) over dinner. Being so impressed with my recent Jacuzzi and martini experience, Hal & Tonia decide to do top it with their own version of a countryside hot-tub and home-made alcohol. They fill a huge outdoor container with hot water and prepare moonshine-based cocktails camp guest, Bryan.

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