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Day 22

When riding over the McKenzie Bridge the day before, I heard my spokes make funny noises… It’s never a good sign, especially if you’re about to embark on a 15-mile descent. I did consider for a brief while recording a farewell video in case they break, I crash and die. The main message would have been: I died happy and it was all worth it.

Luckily for me, die I did not. I knew however that I needed to have a look at the spokes for the tyre was now rubbing against the frame which is NOT what it’s supposed to do.

The moment I’m operational, I head straight to the nearest bike shop. I explain my spokes problem as well as the one concerning the cash liquidity issue…

But didn’t Dick show me the other day how to fine-tune spokes? Confident and hopeful, I ask to use the workshop’s spoke wrench. After half an hour of doing *exactly* what Dick showed me, I mess up the rim so badly that it’s scary. I enquire for an opinion of a bike professional and seeing my miserable and painful failure, Tom takes pity and offers to work on the it free of charge. And let me tell you: he’s got it covered in under 10 minutes for he is skilful, precise and fast! A true WheelMaster!!!

Once I leave Sisters I hit the high desert: I am in the Wild Wild West, ladies and gentleman, and it feels fabulous! I am ready for the cowboys!

Well, instead of cowboys, I pay Don – my lovely host from the night before – a visit at his archery store. A simple visit turns into a one-to-one archery crash course along with some hands-on practice.

It is sooo much fun! I feel fierce, I feel badass and I feel I want to go bowhunting!!! FYI: I hit the bullseye at my 5th attempt! #RealLifeWonderWoman

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