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Day 23

Kim and Dennis, who put me up for the night and treated to some lovely dinner (and ICE-CREAM!!!), invited me to participate in a morning yoga class taking place at their house. Had it not been for a 4-hour night due to some logistics needs, I would have been all up. Unfortunately, given my current state, there is simply not enough caffeine to fill my veins and keep me straight.

I set off for some of the most amazing views EVER. A couple of cyclists pass by me and they DON’T EVEN STOP to say “hi!” I am shocked… lol! I guess these guys are in a hurry.

Halfway along the road Kim and Dennis pass me by and suggest I stop by at a Christian Camp’s open house that’s “just up the road.” After an hour cycle, I start wondering whether I have missed it or whether the “just up the road” was car language for “over an hour ride uphill by bike.” Lol!

After some water-refill, bathroom break and first-aid help, a lovely mum of two - who passed me by in a car earlier - offers snacks and fruit (thank you Stacey!). She shares that her daughter was pretty concerned seeing us all cycling down the road:

“Don’t they have cars, mum?”

In the end she did concede that cycling seemed a nice way to see the country and that she might just do the same when she’s older.

A climb and a magnificent downhill ride later, I arrive at the cozy Spoke’n Hostel: a cyclist-haven in Mitchell, Oregon, run by Jalet and Pat. There is some ice-cream – again - and so I can die in peace.

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