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Day 25

After a solid 12-hour night, it’s Jan’s puppies who come to tell me it’s time to wake up. They are sooo adorable and I am totally in LOVE. I wish I could stay and play with them FOREVER.

Jan treats me to some hearty breakfast, gives me a gas stove and provides with some toiletries and food. She also manages to find me a place to sleep for when I’m going to be a little further down the road and gives me directions to the closest bike shop. Is there anything this woman cannot do?

Despite a good night’s sleep though, I still feel a little bit weak-ish… I don’t know whether it’s the accumulation of 4-weeks’ worth of cycling (a first for me), the 1000-mile threshold I just passed (another first), the secondary effects of steroids I had to take or maybe just the heat. I am so ready to sit down by the side of the road and never move again until my body decomposes…

I decompose not, though, for there’s something that keeps me going. It’s the prospect of meeting with Russ – a WarmShowers bicycle-shop owner in John Day – whom I have been exchanging messages with over the past couple of days. What better chances of getting spare bicycle parts and the skills to change them than from a bike-pro?

Russ opens his workshop and takes my ride in for a full check-up. He manages to fix me up with a new tyre, inner tube and get those gears back in shape. What had I done without him? Probably – again - sit beside a road and cry myself to death.

Instead, though, my bike is operational anew and we spend the evening having food, drinks and great conversation surrounded by some majestic scenery.

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