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Day 27

Do you know what the most difficult thing about this trip is? I’ll give you a tip: it’s not the cycling (duh!). But it’s not the hills either. Nor the heat. Nor the no money part. It’s the NO COFFEE!

In French there is the following expression: avoir la tête dans le cul. I am not going to translate it to into English because there is already too much swearing on this blog, but let me tell you that if you’d grab a dictionary to look it up, there’d be a picture of “me before coffee” underneath.

I ride for half an hour and I’m dying. I stop at 11am in the middle of nowhere, pull out my sleeping bag and go for a nap. Four hours later, reluctantly, I get back in the saddle. I pull up a hill and catch up with an older cyclist. He is so happy to hear us “youngsters” are also suffering and walking the climbs. Looking at the hill in front of us, he pulls out a box of pills:

“Okay, which one is going to help me mount this one?”

I obviously want one too, so he offers caffeine tablet. A CAFFEINE TABLET!!! How come I didn’t know these existed? If anyone wants to help me out on this trip: please send caffeine pills!!!

After a 2-shot espresso dose, I am killing those kilometres! I get to Baker City in no time and sped some time hunting for food. With my panniers cracking full, I head over to my lovely host for the night: Gayle.

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