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Day 26

Russ sends me off with plenty of food and a bicycle that feels like brand new. It feels so comforting to be looked after and I feel blessed and grateful for what I have been endowed with.

Ahead of me are three climbs and the weather is hot and sticky. On my break in Prairie City I run into Ryan, who has had his bike fixed and is now mercilessly leaving kilometres behind, and a birthday boy called Mitchel. Climbs are not my forte, so I leave them go. The heat is killing me though, I want to sit by the side of the road and not move. A young couple in a truck stops to ask whether I’d like a ride: OF COURSE I WOULD!!! I explain that I have to decline though for it would be like cheating and so I let them go.

There’s a huge carriage by the side of the road and I decide to stop for a nap. I simply cannot continue in this weather any longer. I have already cycled in the past in the impossible heat of Turkey and it was not half as difficult. Someone suggests it might be the high altitude less oxygen-saturated air and the humidity and it probably is. I go for a several hour nap and hit the road again in the afternoon, when the sky gets covered in clouds. Who would have thought a cyclist would be yearning for rain?

And when it starts raining on the top of the mountain it’s a freaking deluge. Luckily, it’s time to find a spot for the night and so I quickly do so and am in bed by 8.

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