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Day 29

I have had a bizarre kind of experience at night: some sort of heart palpitations that got me a bit worried. Luckily, I slept at a DOCTOR’s house so was able to consult Kate first thing in the morning:

“Do you take sports drinks?”


“Do you take supplements?”


“Well, you better start and you start pronto, because heart palpitations *might* be due to electrolyte imbalance.”

Obviously, if the doctor says it: I better do it. Again, the purpose of this trip and the moneyless challenge is not to exterminate myself as fast as possible, so I’ll be popping to a pharmacy the next time I see one.

Apart from that, the day is HOT, the Snake River beautiful, the dam is impressive and I run into Alan again!

Despite my most sincere willingness, I am too tired to do the 7-mile uphill climb out of the Hells Canyon. I slide into a chair at the Gateway Café and am unable to move. Oh, and there comes Alan anew! I talk to the owner and he lets me camp in his garden. I am even able to hang out at the café and use the internet. In the end, a hearty meal is sent my way so, can I really be any luckier?

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