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Day 33

The morning come, it is very difficult to leave to Reyna, my long-lost and finally-found sister of the soul. She attempts bribery to make me stay: yet ANOTHER piece of her delicious ice-cake (which has now made its way to the very top of my favourite food’s list).

I want to stay but I need to go. It’s the very paradoxical nature of these kind of encounters: if you’re lucky enough, you get to meet some remarkable people but the more wonderful they are, the more difficult it is to leave them… But off you go, leaving the door open to new chance meetings.

And some incredible people I do stumble upon this very same day. Riding through an area with very few services, I hail cars and knock on people’s doors to ask for water. When I stop at a random residence by the road, it’s a mom of five and her lovely daughter who help me out to tons of water and ice. Imagine my surprise when half an hour down the road later, they pass me by in their car and stop to give me lunch! Yes, they have driven out of their way, followed and hailed me down to give me lunch! And take a photo. Again, if anyone is still doubting people’s disinterested generosity: please have them call me (+1 415 608 4041).

That very evening, when I pitch my tent behind a motel in Lowell, Ron, one of the visitors, spontaneously offers his beer and food to me and a fellow cyclist. Random fact: Ron was one of the pioneers of snowboarding, riding what people called in the 70’s (sic!) the “winter stick.” He would go sticking well before Burton and the likes appeared.

How random is having beers and hanging out around the block, like the cool kids do, in the middle of nowhere, with the snowboarding pioneer? Very random. Very priceless.

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