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Day 34

The Lowell to Powell stretch is a 66-mile area with no services and no habitations what-so-ever. All going uphill.

I wake up fairly early to get it done and over with as soon as possible, except that my plan is one thing and its execution is another. After some 40km, I just cannot take the heat anymore and decide to go for a nap. Four and a half hours later… I get back in the saddle. It is actually pretty nice to be cycling in the cool of the mountains’ shade… But having over 60km to go at 5pm, it means I need to keep pedalling and stop fooling around, unless I want to cycle in the dark and be eaten by a bear.

I make it to Powell well after sunset, 9.30pm, and just collapse in my tent. I guess I don’t have it half as hard though as this one guy who is doing the TransAm 6-fold (sic!). I have met him well at the beginning of the 66-mile no-service stretch, riding and walking his 3 bicycles (sic again!). He rides the TransAm thrice and then walks three times back to his bikes to keep ‘em going. Moving forward maybe at a rate of 2 to 3 miles per day. I seriously do not know how he’s going to make it through those 66-miles: it will take him anything between two to three months. Is anyone going to help him? Give him food? Provide water? Share toiletries?

He agreed to have his photo taken but required that I mention he believes in Lord Jesus Christ. And three is a God’s number and that is why he’s riding three bikes. Here you have it.

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