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Day 35

I leave my tent and whom do I run into? Alan! I swear to god this guy is following me! Lol!

We decide to kick start the day together by walking the hill side by side. Let me tell you: if you have to start your day off by walking your bike, you know it’s going to be a tough one… We then part our ways, each of us going at our own pace.

When I finally get to the top of Lolo Pass, it turns out Dorota, my Franco-Polish friend from Toulouse, has been able to hook me up with one of her friends from Missoula, Debbie. The message I get is that I should call her whenever I want and her landlord is cool with her hosting me as he’s actually a WarmShowers host himself. Unfortunately, with no network in sight I cannot get in touch to let her know I’m coming. It’ll have to wait until I’m closer to civilisation.

Three hours before Missoula, the network comes back and I leave Debbie a message hoping that she can host tonight. One hour before Missoula I send her a text. Once IN Missoula, I decide it’s time for an alternative solution since, obviously, she’s busy living her life. I get in touch with THE WarmShowers host of Missoula – Bruce - whom I’ve been hearing about for the past two days.

His place is just how I imagined: a huge bicycle paradise located in a beautiful mansion. Loads of cyclists going through, community vibe and relaxed atmosphere. The place becomes my “house goals” instantly.

We start talking. I share some insights about my trip and the random fact that I vowed not to use any money on it… He suddenly goes:

“Are you that Debbie’s friend?”

“Are you that Debbie’s landlord?!”

The world is small, after all, innit?

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