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Day 37

Today is going to be hot and hilly. I therefore jump out of bed at 4:30. I am so ready to leave at 5. Turns out there is another early riser in the house though. The moment our paths cross at the coffee machine and I open my mouth, an hour long conversation ensues. I finally manage to drag myself out of Curtis’ cycling haven at 5:45. On my way out of Darby I come across a tandem couple also fighting hard to beat the heat (it’s not even 6 after all!).

Today’s experience, apart from the hill climb, is people who cease not to surprise me. At my first stop I come across a lovely couple who not only decide to take on the “where I’m from” challenge but who also give me $20 (which obviously goes into my fundraiser).

Near the top of the 7241ft Chef Joseph Pass, a fellow park visitor chats me up and very quickly offers food, water and gives me $40! Geez, why do all these people keep giving me cash? Could it be a subtle way of telling me to actually shut up? LOL!

300ft from the top of the Pass, a car coming from the opposite direction stops by and the driver tells me that he’s left a little something at the 1st mile pole on the top:

“Don’t miss it!”

“But how did you know I was even here?”

“Oh, I have just passed you by going up.”

I don’t have the reflex to take a photo when the guy vanishes behind the hill. Turns out he’s left me some sports drink and energy bar. I simply cannot be touched more by yet another random act of kindness. Thank you beautiful stranger!

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