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Day 38

There is, again, some climbing in store for me today, so I set my alarm for 4:15am. When I’m ready to leave, the moon is still up and it’s actually night. I hang for a bit until the first rays of sun make their way through so that I can SEE something.

I leave at 5am into the freezing cold. The views are amazing though and the beauty of the sunrise does, to a certain extent, reward my early-risen cold ass.

I am a slow cyclist though. The moment I start climbing the hill, it’s already hot and sweaty. I go through my water bottles like a camel (does a drinking expression with a camel even exists???). Somewhere in-between the two big passes, I am totally dry and unable to hail any cars. I decide to camel up (that IS an actual expression) at the only house I see by the road.

Unfortunately, nobody’s home. I walk around the property to look for an external faucet but no luck. I am very thirsty and very desperate. I simply cannot continue if I don’t get some water.

The house door is unlocked, as so many are in this part of the country, and I hesitate for a looong time whether to go in or not. I have never entered a property without the occupants’ permission or invitation so I feel very uneasy and uncomfortable doing it: walking into someone’s house and their intimacy without their knowledge. But it is a matter of life and death by now, so I do go in and fill up my millions of bottles.

On my way out, I leave my card and a note in the door to let the family know I have gone in for some water. If they do end up on this website reading this: I would have so preferred for you to be home when I pulled up but I am happy I *was* able, in the end, to get some precious H2O and continue my trip. THANK YOU.

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