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Rest day

My rest day is, again, catching up with my blogging, posting and thanking people (through my Hall of Fame and my Facebook page). I find a safe & welcoming harbour for my writing at the Yellowstone’s Greens & Grounds run by two sisters: Erin & Mel. Not only do they let me hang out at their lovely café for an entire day but they share give me some of their produce and even share their own lunch with me. THANK YOU LADIES!

In the evening, I am meeting up with Allen: the cyclist I have been running into since Mitchell (OR). We’ve decided that after some 1000km of somewhat hand-in-hand riding, time has come to move our relationship to another level: Allen takes me out to pizza dinner at a local restaurant. Cyclists’ dates don’t get any more complicated than that: we just eat, drink and go to bed (to sleep!) early.

On our way home we are approached by fellow bikers. They are also riding the TransAm, but in the opposite direction and have just gotten out of Yellowstone. This is my chance at a free entrance: I ask them if they happen to still have their 7-day ticket on them and sure they do. Therefore, thanks to Judy and Eric, who agree to pass it on, I will be able to continue onto the only paid section of the route moneylessly. Life is good!

I get back to Burhan’s trailer and continue working on my website. Burhan manages to come home from work, change, leave for a party and then come back at 3am whilst I haven’t moved from behind my keyboard. Blogging takes time and effort, I am committed to give it all I have. I finally go to bed at 4am, worrying that I STILL haven’t had the time to thank everyone I’ve been meaning to and that tomorrow is going to be a tough day.

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