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Day 40

Today I am a little bit tired. Luckily, Mike has made an enormous pot of coffee and lets me have whatever I need. I truly love people who give me coffee. :-)

I get to Virginia City, which is something of an open-air museum. Beautiful, century-old buildings which make you feel like you’re really in the Wild West of the pioneers. I spend some 3 hours roaming about the town and when I FINALLY am ready to leave, I suddenly feel too sleepy to even walk straight. I decide to get out of town and find a sweet spot for a siesta. Three hours later, it’s the wind and the storm clouds that wake me up. I am still sleepy, but need to move if I don’t want to get soaked.

There’re hills ahead. Some bikers pass me by. Cycling the climbs whilst I am walking them and pushing my bike. Well, it’s normal: after all, my ratio of fat to muscles is not the same as theirs. But after an hour’s worth of climb, I decide I need to do something to get stronger fast, for there are too many hills to come. I set my mind to not walking the hills, even if it means stopping every 10 seconds to catch my breath and give my muscles a rest. And that’s precisely what I do: I cycle for 10 seconds and rest for several minutes. I make it to Ennis just in time to hide from rain.

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