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Day 41

I want to make it to West Yellowstone today but that means a long day of 115km. In order to make it, I need to leave early. Alas, I am chatted up by passers-by and everyone knows how I roll: the moment I open my mouth, I cannot eFFing shut it up. I leave at 11.

The road is beautiful: takes me through the prairies and ranches of the Big Sky country. I happen to run into another SOLO FEMALE traveller. Wow, we are now 5 against 70+ guys!

After a long stretch in the sun and without services, I am completely dry. Cars won’t stop so I stick a “need water” sign to the back of my bike, praying that someone will take pity. Sure enough, someone finally does: Mike and Barbara who are travelling around the country with their motor bikes. Once I’m rehydrated, I start blabbing about my trip. I guess they must have heard enough for they too give me money so that I freaking shut up, LOL. On top of the money, which obviously goes into my fundraiser, they also give me some food (Barbara, those protein bars were indeed AMAZING!). How lucky can I be?

I am real close to West Yellowstone when the sky clouds up and the thunders rumble. It starts pouring, my tendons freeze and it gets difficult to change gears. I am not sure I will make it and yet I am sooo close. Luckily, the huge storm hits an area west of me so I can go on. The clouded sky looks beautiful in the setting sun. All pinky-red. Surreal. The photos do not render it justice. Very quickly though, it starts to get real dark and I pedal twice as hard to get to town ASAP. I finally make it after 10 and collapse, as I stand, onto the piece of floor I will be sleeping on in my host’s trailer. Floor sweet floor.

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