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Day 43

Cycling moneylessly trough a national park is no easy game, let me tell you that. The parks are tightly regulated, there is no room for manoeuvre and… no electricity anywhere, apart from the staff’s buildings. This is why I consider myself very lucky and am soooo grateful to the wonderful, kind-hearted people who agreed to put me up the day before in their staff dormitory in Old Faithful. They risked a reprimand and, yet, they did it. I got lucky this time, but I am anxious for the upcoming night… I really want to get out of the national parks region as fast as I can.

After a 6am tour around the mystical hot springs (without the touristy crowds) I set off for the two big climbs ahead of me. I am committed to cycling them all: even if, again, it’ll mean stopping every 10 seconds for 5-minute breaks. Seems ridiculous? Not so much when you consider the elevation I’m at (over 2000 metres) where the oxygen is a bit scarcer, breathing a bit less effective and all physical activity a bit more of a challenge.

But soon enough, I come across the summit sign: OH MY GOD, I have MADE it without walking! I can’t believe it! It wasn’t even that hard!

Given that I started this trip doing 20-30 miles per day and pushing my bike 100% of the climbs, this is an ENOURMOUS improvement. I am getting stronger and it feels sooo encouraging after the 3 years of illness that has completely ruined my health (and life).

At the Colter Bay Village – my stop for the day - the chances of my getting access to an electrical outlet seem slim. The RV park office staff, Cindi, spends half an hour on the phone trying to find a solution. It is not easy and, in the end, she suggests I plug into the external outlet of the RV office. She doesn’t even charge me for the spot so it simply cannot get any better that this.

Once my tent is all set up, I set off in search of a can opener (having left mine’s at one of my hosts’ houses). I come up to the first RV in the park, we start talking and, obviously, we hit it off. I spend the entire evening with Heather and Ron – a couple with 4 children – who are fun, feed me cake and beer and lent me a pillowcase for the night. Mine’s smells too much of a banana and I hear bears like that…

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