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Day 45

During my rest day in Dubois I hook up with fellow cyclists: a father travelling with two sons and a solo guy from Denmark. Monday come, we decide to hit the road together. It’s my first time riding with someone and I find it quite motivating. I’m not on my own so I don’t stop every three seconds for water, pee or break. Doing some good miles.

An hour into the day, Mickey, the lovely Baking Mum Number 1, passes me by in her car and invites for refreshments at her house. I spent only two days in Dubois but it feels I have already made some friends. It’s the “no-money effect,” how I like to call it.

Had I had the cash, I would have walked into Mickey’s bakery, asked for whatever product I wanted, paid and left. All of that squeezed between a “hello” and a “goodbye.” But because I vowed not to use any of the financial means available to me during this trip, I have to talk to people, engage and explain what I’m doing. It creates a connection, a relation of some sort, where we exchange other things than money. I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but it *is* priceless.

Mickey, if you’re reading this: we tried to find your house, but must have passed it without realising. Please get in touch if you can!

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