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Day 46

The problem with cycling and blogging is that you can only do one or the other, at any given time. Once you have done your 100 km, oft you’re too tired to go on blogging about it. Therefore, I usually write my posts several days after I actually rode the miles. This, in turn, means that I have to rely on my memory which, obviously, will have gotten blurry by then.

The most I remember about my 46th day of riding is people’s generosity and kindness because the road - after a while – gets all the same. And the folks of Lander are simply an amazing and caring community of human beings. The Lander Bake Shop treats me to breakfast and NITRO coffee whilst The Bike Mill saves my life by adjusting the breaks which have started to perish. That means one more day of living (thanks to the coffee) and riding (thanks to the fixed brakes).

On my way to Jeffrey City an RV stops by and it’s one of the Lost Boys on Bikes, Anthony, who helps me out with water and offers snacks. A couple of hours later, on my uphill climb towards death, a couple stops by in their car to offer a sports drink. Spontaneously, on their own, because they think that I am rocking it!

I get to Jeffrey City. Let me tell you, it truly is a mystery why this place is called a “city” but that’s a debate for another day. I am staying, along with 5 other cyclists, at an abandoned church with plenty of room for the tired passer-by. I get to sleep in a room with a queen-sized mattress because I’m a QUEEN and that’s the only thing that matters right now. Before bedtime though, we pay a visit to the local bar to use some wifi. Once the fellow cyclists go back to the church, all of the cowboys - all of a sudden - appear at my table. I think it’s time to call it a day.

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