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Day 50

James gives me a lift to Granby – the nearest town with a bike shop. We cover some 80 kilometres in an hour which I find way too rapid. The views are magnificent but I only manage to get a brief glimpse before they disappear behind the speeding car. When in the saddle, I get the time to ride into landscapes, moving slowly through the changing sceneries and taking in the diversity with every stroke of the pedal. I am therefore a bit sad to be missing on this part of the ride but I get to talk with James instead on a plethora of interesting subjects (something impossible to do whist cycling).

We get to the bike shop after 11. The Full Circle Cyclery accepts to help me out free of charge. After 4 hours spent at the workshop (not because they were this slow but because I talked this much…!), I get a new helmet, gloves, a yellow jersey, a spare gear cable and even a meal. I am so ready to go on!

Because it’s already way past 3pm when I leave the bike shop, I decide to call it a (short) day when I roll into Kremmling after some 47km. A pizza place allows me to hang out at the restaurant and use the internet, so I catch up on my blog. I also manage to get some pizza for free. So much that I text James – whom, along with his two sons Rocky and Forest, I have been bumping on and off into for the past 2 weeks – to let him know dinner’s on me!

The eatery closes at 9pm so I have to leave into the mosquito-filled air and figure out my sleeping arrangements for the night. The pizza place does not have any external outlets so I give a nearby grill & restaurant a try. There’s a police officer inside and so I address my question to him for he must be best informed on the “who, what, why & where” of the local community. He actually offers to put me up in his garden himself, and so off behind a police car I go…

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