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Day 51

Today I am experimenting with cycling and reading. A book. And yes, the two at the same time (thank you audibles!). And you know what? It’s working! Well... most of the times when there are no trucks passing me by and drowning the sound out.

The road is beautiful. It takes me through the mountains and the hills are not *that* bad. My favourite parts are the bits by the lakes. I get into Silverthorne, Dillon and then Frisco, which are all ski resorts. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to a ski resort in summer. You’d be surprised by how many OTHER-things-than-skiing you can do in a ski area in summer...

Getting out of Silverthorne is pure bliss: there’s a dedicated bike path that goes all the way to Frisco. And once I set my foot at my host’s place, I simply do not want to leave anymore. I decide to sped my rest day here.

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