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Day 53

I must have been really tired for I only emerge from bed at 9. I have slept for some 15 hours. Is it that I am about to hit the midpoint of my trip and my body knows that? Or sudden change of elevation? Otherwise, it must be my impending period.

Anyways, I am having so much fun with Russ and Bella that I only leave at 11 which is VERY late by any cyclist’s standards. And I’m up for some 140 km of riding. Luckily, all of it downhill.

I am just about to go downhill on the last hill separating me from Canon City when I feel I have gotten a flat. And there’s just about nothing around and no one will stop to give me a ride. I cannot “call a friend” either for there’s no network. I guess it’ll be just me and the flat this time round.

After one hour of trying (and only a little bit of crying) I… manage to repair the tyre on my own! I feel sooo proud of myself for, up until now, there’s always been a knight on a shining bike pulling up to the rescue of the damsel in distress (resulting in my never learning how to fix my bike).

I pull into town: it’s late, it’s dark and the streets are empty. The moment I see someone go into a house, I jump at the occasion and approach the household to enquire about a shelter for the night. Debbie, a mother of two, immediately says “yes.” Two seconds later she suggests I stay in her dad’s house for it’s empty and I’ll be able to take a shower. Unless I prefer to camp in her yard. No, I’m good with the house, lol. I have to admit though that even I am taken aback by Debbie’s kindness. She basically lets a stranger stay in an empty house. [Read in Chandler (Bing’s, duh!) voice:]

"Can it *get* any better?"

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