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Rest Day

I spend most of my rest day with my new best pal – Cynthia – who’s putting me up for the night. She is the mother of one of Canon City’s CouchSurfers, Daniel. Dan being away on his own travels, he provides me with his mum’s phone number and suggests I hit her up. I call, introduce myself and try to explain that “no, I have not actually met Daniel in person (yet).”

“Oh, it’s this ‘sofa surfing’ thing, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, yeah! COUCH surfing!”

“Sure, come around!”

Cynthia lives in a tiny piece of heaven, with Bambis and bears paying her regular visits. From the moment I cross her threshold, it feels like she’s a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. We start talking and do NOT stop for SEVERAL hours.

I finally emerge from her house when I learn that James and his entire family are in town. His wife and 4 other kids are meeting up with the guys for the last time throughout their trip and we decide it’d be fun to hook up. We have, after all, been hearing about each other for the last 3 weeks so we might, just as well, meet in person…

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