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Day 55

It’s 8 o’clock and I am READY to hit the road. I am sooo proud of myself. Off I go!

At 8:01 I have a flat. The THIRD one in FOUR days. 9 weeks with no flats and - all of a sudden! - the Bike God remembers I’m in the neighbourhood? Serious?!

A fellow cyclist – on his way to his daily ride – gives me a lift to the downtown bike shop. It’s so early that I have over an hour to kill: I decide to work on my blog. The moment I sit down with my computer an intrigued passer-by strikes up a conversation. He’s quite amused with my story and the way I set off on my trip (“serious? without money?”). We’re cracking jokes right and left when a different kind of sound cracks the air: Tim has stepped on my iPhone cable! I have definitely been out of luck with my phone throughout this trip but whilst I could still use it with a cracked screen (no pun intended), I am going to be dead the moment the battery dies. Tim hands me 60 dollars so that not only can I get myself a new cable and fix the bike but also eat “that fucking hamburger!” (his favourite part of my story).

The shop finally opens and upon listening to my ills and aches, the owner welcomes me to the so-called Goat Head Central.

The what?!

Goat head - also commonly called “puncture vine,” “devil’s-thorn,” “caltrop” of “devil’s eyelashes” (amongst others) - is a plant, probably designed by Satan himself, whose only aim in life is to give cyclists flat tyres, hurt cattle and inflict unimaginable pain onto whomever steps on it.

The remedy: getting “tuffies” (or is it “thickies”? LOL!) and so this is what I opt for, along with a new tyre, because after 3 flats the current one is dead. I fix the rear wheel myself (getting more practice never hurts!) but need the help of TWO mechanics to get the front tyre off (*that* one is the REAL toughie). The shop owner trues my wheels free of charge and so, yes, I still have enough to get myself “that fucking burger!”

For the phone cable, which indeed is not working anymore, I need to go to an out-of-town shopping mall. Not only is there no Apple store in town though: none of the local phone shops carry the ORIGINAL Apple products and this CAN be problematic (thank you Apple…). I grab the first charger in sight to realise, only in the evening, that what I bought will not allow to connect the phone neither to the computer nor to the bank power. Auch!

Since I leave Pueblo only at 4pm, I am not able to get to my WarmShowers host before it gets too late. I stop at Olney Springs and manage to take a shower at someone’s house (because it’s THAT time of the month) and get hooked up to electricity from a trailer that is being renovated. I decide I do not want to bother with setting up the tent and opt for sleeping inside. How LUCKY of me, for moments later the sky opens up and it starts pouring like I have never seen before. When I go out, just for a second, to grab my electric adapter, I get soaked to the bone. The thunders are sooo powerful, I am genuinely afraid I will get struck by one and die on the spot…

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