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Day 56

Today I am entering the no-man’s land: miles of flats and plains. The most exciting parts of my day will therefore surely be my morning and evening encounters.

I start the day with John. He is refurbishing the Olney Springs Country Mart after it closed when the investor pulled out several years ago. He hopes, once the shop is up and running again, to be able to bring some life back into this tiny community of 200 inhabitants. He is aware of the many cyclists who ride through here and would love to become their sweet landing spot if they decide to stop at Olney Springs for the night.

I leave. I ride. I arrive.

I get into Eads with the sun setting down. I am cruising down the main street when I lock eyes with two city cyclists:

“You looking for something?”

“Yeah, a safe shelter for the night…?”

“Well, we have a backyard we can put you up in.”

“Sounds good to me!”

Off I follow Carla and Larry to their house.

We spend the evening debating spiritual issues, religion, the Bible and how people live their faith. I conclude they really ought to meet James (the pastor!) and his sons. And, obviously, sign up to WarmShowers!

Before we’re off to bed, we decide with Larry to compare our respective CPAPs. Turns out: we’ve got identical ones and so he gifts me with a new air filter and a tube (they were grose dirty and nobody’s told me I had to replace them now and then!).


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