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Day 57

I ride, I ride until I arride…

Seriously guys, apart from one dilapidated house or another (and some HUGE locust) there is simply NOTHING in the area. The only entertainment I get is chasing off the grasshoppers from my legs, face, bike and what not...

There are not many cars either so whenever I run out of water I need to knock on the few houses scattered here and there. At least I manage to finish my e-book in no time!

With only 30 km to go, I pull up for my last water stop in a little town of Towner, CO. I fill up through a garden hose and am ready to leave when the owner comes out and suggests I come in for some better-quality (=filtered) H2O. Before I know it, it’s been an hour we’ve been talking and Greg and Marcie invite me to spend the night at theirs. I say “why not?!”

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