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Day 58

Today I am entering a new state. Kansas, also known as the land that feeds America, as somebody told me. Several kilometres into it I am greeted by a couple of cyclists on their way out: Aaron and Brady. Aaron has a GPS-tracker which allows his mum to check his whereabouts. You know, it’s because it doesn’t matter how badass you are – if the mum ain’t happy, you’re not going anywhere.

Kansas is beautiful (and I am totally not saying this to make my new Montezuma friends happy…). No, but seriously: there is lots of space, windmills, tractors and “green elevators” (yeah, I’m a city girl…). And with no hills in sight, I can just gobble those kilometres in no time.

And then I hear a snap. A spoke broke. A second one in 2000 miles…

I chat up the only person in sight – a local farmer - who takes me over to his house for the internet. Thanks to his wife Candie and her tablet I manage to find a bike shop in the vicinity of a… 2-hour car drive! It’s the RANS Bike shop in Montezuma. I call them up, explain my moneyless delirium: they accept to help free of charge. We’re rolling! Candie offers the ride and once I’m at the shop, she decides to pay for the repair and give me… 100 dollars!!! I think I can now officially change my name to “That RICH Cycling Chick.” The money, obviously, goes into my fundraiser.

Jerrell and Kara – the owners of the RANS Bikes shop – not only resuscitate my wheel but also feed me dinner. On tops, they hook me up with Paul, a fellow (recumbent) bike enthusiast, who offers a safe shelter for the night. It is, however, difficult to get to bed since they make me try out one of their crank-forward bikes and I simply DO NOT WANT TO GET OFF IT until the rest of my days. Did ANY of you know that cycling could be THIS comfortable?!

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