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Day 59

I decide to do a short day today for there is simply too much admin I need to catch up with. I find myself a nice café and sit through the entire morning.

When I finally leave at 2pm, I am resolved to make it no further than the next town along the route: Dighton. It’s the simple beauty of Kansas that keeps me company all throughout those 40 kilometres.

The highlight of the day is the video-call I manage to make with my colleagues in Paris. I catch them at a boat party: cruising down the Seine river, sipping champagne in fancy dresses (I work in luxury fashion, remember?!). A bit of a different vibe from the one I'm currently in amidst the never ending corn fields, oil wells and my dirty bike clothes... lol!

When I get to Dighton, I obviously head straight for the swimming pool, for my new motto is “a day without swimming is a day wasted.”

In the evening, I head out to look for some food. A local shop does not have anything to spare, but one of the sales people, Erica, invites me over to hers for some enchiladas.

She introduces me to her cousin Cherise and aunt Charlene. The latter offers a safe shelter for the night in her awesome camper. And once we get down to talking, we are not done before 2 in the morning. We are going to be so dead tomorrow…

Before I head off for the night, Erica brings a goody bag that all three ladies concocted for me. It is crammed packed with food and snacks. Is this crazy or what?!

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