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When you break down along the route and you’re forced to hang around, it’s not all bad.

You’re muscles get a well-deserved rest, you can enjoy the company of local folks and get to know them better and you may visit some of the region. It’s a mini-holiday WITHIN your holiday, how great is that?!

I am staying with Paul, a fellow touring cyclist, and his two kitties. He’s the so-called “Dallas transplant” in this small Mennonite community, taking revenge on Corporate America by spending his time & energy on helping people he connects with. As I mentioned in one of the prvious posts, he decided to sponsor my new rear wheel and mountain gears, so I’m set to be in Montezuma until it all gets here.

Throughout my stay, it’s the entire Mennonite community that takes care of me. Jarrell lets me hang at his shop, use the internet and fill up on coffee, Sherri & Clayton have me over for some AMAZING dinners and so does Barbara, and Maria with her mum, and Kara.

On the Tuesday, Sherri takes me out on the “Sherri’s Grand Tour of Montezuma.” She decides I should have my shot at fame and sets up an interview with the local newspaper. By the end of the day, it seems I know every person in town! A pretty nice feeling, actually.

When we get back to the shop after Sherri’s tour, the guys – Clayton, Paul & Jarrell – announce they have been messing with my bike. The front rack is off and set on another bike. It’s a RANS crank forward bicycle, with my U-lock also on it. Huh?!

“Well, I had this spare frame and thought ‘why pump money into that old bike of yours’ since we can build you a new one.” Clayton explains.

“Ha, that’s great, but I think you forget about one tiny detail: I don’t have any money to pay for it…” I reply.

“No, no, that’s fine. Once you’re done with your tour you can either ship it back here or take it with you to Paris.”



I am shooketh to the bone.

These crazy Montezumians clearly have too much time on their hands and don’t know what to do with it, lol!

The bike is a pure beaut. It rides smooth: it feels like I’m cruising on a cloud. It’s so comfortable I don’t want to get off it. NEVER! It’s what the RANS crank-forward bicycles are all about: they are FREAKING COMFY!!! One has an impression of lounging on a couch. Quite amazing, really.

So listen carefully guys: if your body aches, you’re one-hundred years old or you’re too unfit to ride a bike, yet you dream about getting back in the saddle - try one of the RANS bikes!

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